Annual Motorcycle day 1 May, Norway

1 May
In Norway, and other places, we do a litle celebration of the motorcycle, 1 of May each year. This year me and Sven decided to do a proper long trip around some of the most scenic roads in Norway. A 310 miles (500km) trip was planned, and 5 happy bikers went on their way.
The route took us from Haugesund up and trough Suldal to our first stop in Roeldal for a short lunch.

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After a quick snack we headed on towards Odda in Hardanger. From Odda we took the north-west side of Soerfjorden out towards Utne. We did make 2 stops along the fjord, and the first was a smal gravel road up in the hillside to a place called Rogdo.
The pay off is a beautiful view overlooking the Soerfjord, also the appletrees is starting to bloom, and that is what most tourists come to see, when in Hardanger.

Soon after we all felt like som icecream would be nice, and we made a short stop at Velure Kro

This location is worth a stop in it self, and in good weather you got a fantastic view of the Soerfjord, and parts of Hardangerfjord.

Feeling rested, we headed on past Utne, down towards Jondal. Just before arriving in Herand you should absolutely visit Hardanger Kulturgalleri

After a privat tour we felt like a good meal was due, and set off for Jondal Hotel

This place has got realy good food, I have tried most on the menu, and it`s all realy tasty and full portions, so do drop in here for a good meal in nice and charming setting. You can also go from Jondal on tarmac road, all the way up to visit Folgefonna Skicenter

Rested and fueld up, we headed on homeward bound. It`s allways nice to ride west out through Hardangerfjord. The weather treated us kindly this day, and after a total of 310 miles and 12 hours in the sadle we arrived home in Haugesund again……till next time, keep traveling.

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