Viking Valley/GodValley, Undredal, Aurlandsfjellet and inner parts of Sognefjorden

9 June 2019 2 day trip Aprox 932km/579mi photo by Jone Haakonseth © MAP Going from 86 to 37 (30-3 Celsius) degrees Fahrenheit outside really makes it a challenging task to try and plan more than a day trip these days. Still, we are kinda used to temperature changing fairly quick when going up and down …

Trolltunga Apartments, Cows, Turkey, Carp fish and Ship restoration…….

MAP May 19 2019 A lot of things that does not normaly relate to motorcycle riding, but never the less what we got to experience this time around, on our Sunday ride around Hardangerfjord. This time Aasmund had planned a proper cultural bike ride for us, and what a trip it became. We road aprox …

Hunting for old railroadtracks and exploring the Gudvangen area. Norway

Sept 2017 Yet another adventure in the Norwegian fjords..This time me and Sven wanted to explore some gravel tracks in the Gudvangen area, this places is located just to the northwest of Bergen and Voss. At the same time we wanted to try and see how much of the old and long closed down railroad …

Bokn, Norway

Quick trip to a nice little Island located just to south of my hometown Haugesund. Sometimes the nice weather just calls you out, and boy do you get payback in nice scenary. Click on the small images to see a pictureshow (bigger images) Map

Skjold, Norway

Just a little roundtrip in my local area. Heading out with my good friend Sven for a little trip to take in the sites in my close proximity. You do not need to travle far in Norway to find beautiful locations. Click on the small images to see a pictureshow (bigger images) Map