Trolltunga Apartments, Cows, Turkey, Carp fish and Ship restoration…….


May 19 2019
A lot of things that does not normaly relate to motorcycle riding, but never the less what we got to experience this time around, on our Sunday ride around Hardangerfjord. This time Aasmund had planned a proper cultural bike ride for us, and what a trip it became. We road aprox 260 miles (420km) on this roundtrip in beautiful Hardanger

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We set off from Haugesund, and met up with 5 riders along the road to Odda.
In Odda we had planned to visit Trolltunga Apartments, and Aasmund had arranged for a privat history tour with the owner. This Hotel has a long story, and have been moved on at lest 3 occasions. The location is breath taking, overlooking both Odda and Sandvevatnet. Lots of atractions to see close by, you can do a glacier walk on Buarbreen and there is plenty of gorgeous waterfalls around, the most famous is Laatefoss Here is some pictures taken at Trolltunga Apart.

So after some great lessons on the history of the hotel, we set off for the next destination, ” the goldfish pond “
Some time ago (1901) Dr. Hanssen got the idea of putting out Carp fish in a small lake, way up in the hills of Hardangerfjord, this in an atempt to fight TB, today this is an atraction for both locals, and tourists, indeed a spesial place to visit. You can read the story here….

After a brief photo session we got back on our bikes and headed for a fully robotized and automated cowshed. Here we got to experiance robot milking of cows, and automated cleaning of both cows and shed. We also got to be hands on with the animals. Overlooking the Hardangerfjord, the view is breath taking from up here.

After “dinner” at the local gas station, we drove a bit west in Hardangerfjord, and visited Homlagarden Ecologic Farm. Here the birds are free to wander a large area, and it`s somewhat entertaining to see these birds.

Now, for the last leg of this cultural tour, we headed for Rosendal, a pearl in the Hardangerfjord, there we visited Skipsbyggjarmuseet Skaalurensamlinga, the same place were Roald Amundsen`s ship Gjøa was built.
They are currently re-building the galeas Gurine, and we got the grand tour of the build, which is closing in on beeing finished shortly. Here you can follow the bulid on Instagram

So now the adventure was over for this time, and we headed on homewards bound to Haugesund, and after 14 hours on the road I can safely say that this was an epic journey in both wonderful nature and history…

til next time, keep travveling, and enjoy life.

I give you a nice picture overlooking Rosendal to finnish this story.
Stay well and healty 🙂 Jone

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